Using LinkedIn for Churches

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Churches: Use LinkedIn to Build Trust with First Time Visitors

On the Internet, building trust quickly is vitally important.  If you want visitors to learn about and then trust your staff when they visit your church website the first time, how about using a little social media.  LinkedIn is a great tool for this!

One idea is to include a link to each of your staff’s LinkedIn social media profile on your church website STAFF page.  But BEFORE you link them up, make sure those profiles are looking good!

Here are my recommendations for optimizing your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Have everyone on your church staff create a LinkedIn profile
  2. Make sure all profiles contain a HIGH RES, good looking PHOTO!
  3. Make sure the job title is accurate and “church visitor friendly”
  4. Solicit recommendations from fellow church members from within LinkedIn!
  5. List 4-5 bullet points that shows what makes this person a great member of your staff and how he/she can connect with potential visitors.
  6. Get a professional executive resume writer to optimize the content of your profile.  I HIGHLY recommend Holly Reslink at EmpowerLink.  She optimized mine!
  7. Have each person add their LinkedIn profile link to their signature line (well, first make sure they HAVE a signature line with name, church name (linked to website))