Now this is what I mean by being OPEN!

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Here is the link to a story about Aldersgate United Methodist in Alexandria, Va. that OPENED their doors for six months to a muslim congregation that needed some temporary worship space.

This caused a ruckus in the church, some people got mad and left, but when it was all said and done here is what happened:

The two congregations “developed a real affection for each other,” Mr. Stone added, and joined together to serve food and collect coats for the needy in Memphis. The church and mosque also co-hosted a fellowship Thanksgiving dinner in November.  

(Quoted from the original article by Mary Jacobs UMR Communications

Now THAT is what Jesus would have done!  Due to all the press that was received on this, I imagine Aldersgate received more than a few stories in the press, many people blogging about them and all the press and links that it generated caused many people to look at this church in a different way.

Perhaps even, some in a positive way and perhaps they gained some new visitors and members simply by LOVING their neighbor – especially those that are different than them!

Way to go Aldersgate!

Look for opportunities for your Church to be like our Commandment #8 of our Ten Commandments of Church Website Optimization:  “Be Connected, Relevant and OPEN”!