Church Website Services

Church Website Services Overview Video

Church Website Services

You will need to choose one option from each “service” listed below.

Step 1: Website creation

You will choose either:

  1. Church Website Template
  2. Custom Website Design

Website Creation Options

Step 2: Website Management

You will choose either:

  1. To let us manage
  2. To manage yourself

Website Management Options

Church Website Options

Step 1 –
Church Website Creation

Option 1: Church Website Templates

RECOMMENDED for smaller churches and those with limited budgets (starts at $499), but still wanting a professional optimized self-service website.

  • Pre-optimized Church Website Template
  • Includes Church Website Hosting
  • Quickest way to a new website
  • Online Giving
  • Sermon Hosting
  • Full Technical Support by ChurchBuzz

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Option 2: Custom Church Website Design

Want a custom logo and website that matches the personality of your Church? $2,499 for most churches – save THOUSANDS!

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Website Graphics Design
  • Online Giving
  • Sermon Hosting
  • Church Website SEO

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Step 2 –
Church Website Management

Option 1: Full-Service Church Website Management

RECOMMENDED for all churches who do NOT have an experienced webmaster. ($149/month and up)

  • Church Website Content Management
  • Social Media Posting
  • Send Email Newsletters

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Option 2: Self-Managed Hosting

Your church webmaster updates the content on your church website. We host, monitor and backup the website and DNS. We will provide training and documentation on how to manage your church website. We do the highly technical stuff, you update the content. Includes unlimited email support for just $74/month.

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Church Email

Gmail for Churches

Google Gmail is IDEAL for churches (and non-profits) with a setup of fee of only $499. Here are a few reasons we recommend Google Gmail:

  • FREE for churches for unlimited email addresses!
  • Reliable Email: the best on the Internet
  • Supports custom email addresses like
  • Access your email from any computer with a web browser or mobile device

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