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Are you looking for a website host for your church website that is:

  • Responsive to your hosting issues
  • Cares about reaching people for Christ
  • Will give you the best advice for optimizing your church website

ChurchBuzz offers Church Website Hosting for any WordPress church website or any pre-optimized ChurchBuzz Website Template.

Go with the LEADERS in Church Website Hosting since 2010!  We know church website hosting!


To truly understand the benefits of church website hosting with ChurchBuzz, you need to understand that I (Patrick Steil) started programming when I was 12 – and then felt a call to ministry when I was 19.  I didn’t know whether to pursue a life of ministry in the church or if I should pursue technology.  My priest told me to do both.  Well, long story short, it wasn’t until 2010 that I was able to start the dream of doing both through ChurchBuzz.

Not only do we know and understand EVERYTHING you need for your church website to be successful, we truly care about helping your church be more effective at INVITING people to your church (on your website), and WELCOMING them into relationship with  you and Jesus!

  • We can host your existing WordPress website
  • We can implement a new pre-optimized church website for you and host it
  • We have a complete staff ready and able to help with any technology need you have
  • We make our services as affordable as possible while maintaining our quality service

We would be proud to help your church host its website!


Our Church Website Hosting system provides the following key features that support our “10 Commandments of Church Website” strategies. Any provider you consider MUST have these things in place!

  • Automatic sitemap.xml creation – critical to being able to tell Google about ALL the content on your site. Our system creates a new sitemap.xml file each night.
  • Easily create 301 Redirects – important for migrating old content to your new site, or to change the name of html files and not lose any “page rank” for pages that have been around for a long time
  • Ability to Blog from within the website – you must be able to very easily add new content/articles to the site so that you can try and optimize the content for what YOUR VISITORS are looking for
  • Church website content management system (CMS) that allows for 100% flexible design – allows you to install ANY custom design your web designer comes up with rather than forcing you into a particular design
  • Church CMS with administrator and designer level access (ftp, dreamweaver, web console)
  • Church website CMS with various user access privileges – allows controlled access to administer the website
  • CMS that allows you to build your own “web apps” (web databases) – build a sermon audio/video management system the way YOU want it to work

Our Church Hosting utilizes all of the above features and is why we believe that ChurchBuzz is the right solution for your Church!


Features Included
# of Pages Supported Unlimited
# of Blogs Supported Unlimited
Storage Included (Addl storage just $5/GB/month) (1 GB = roughly 3,000 to 7,000 pages) 1 gigabyte
Setup Fee – We set it up and launch it! $499
Basic Hosting Fees $588 / year ($49/month)
Premium Monthly Hosting Fees

(Includes website ranking monitoring)

$74 / month
$749 / year

And if you don’t want to have to become an expert Church Webmaster our Full Service Church Website Management services are designed to handle all aspects of optimizing your website for very low fees each month.


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