Social Media Prep for Easter: Are you using Social Media the right way?

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Free class for your Church: Social Media Plan for Easter Sunday

I have recently found some new strategies for using Social Media CORRECTLY in the business world. I am working on creating several classes to help educate you, our ChurchBuzz followers, on how to take the best advantage of Facebook/Twitter and the like to REACH PEOPLE OUTSIDE YOUR CHURCH!

With Lent around the corner, the first class I am presenting is called, “How-To: A Social Media Plan for Easter Sunday.” The course will cover how to apply key Social Media practices to your church Easter events like creating engaging content with “Photo Stories.”

What’s a “Photo Story?” This class will teach you how to create and use them to make the most of Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Class - photo stories

A few learners have already taken the class and have given it 5-star reviews! I am proud of this course and will make the next one much more comprehensive.

You can access the class here:

Free Social Media Class

Please find an hour and go through my course. It is completely FREE and will change the way you look at Social Media. As a bonus, once you become a student on this learning site, you will have access to the class FOREVER for FREE! I pray it will be useful in showing you the power of Social Media and how we (all churches) need to come up with a good Social Media plan.