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Mobile Responsive Church Websites now REQUIRED by Google

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Attention Church! Starting April 21st, 2015 Google is requiring that any website that wants to show up in mobile search results BE mobile responsive.

Google’s mission is to provide the best search results for all users. So if someone performs a Google search from their mobile device (and over 50% of Google searches are now from mobile devices) it only makes sense for Google to show you websites that are mobile friendly.

The standard design practice for creating mobile friendly websites is to use what is called ‘responsive design’.

If your website is older than a year or two old, chances are it is NOT utilizing responsive design.

To do a test on your website you can use the Google Mobile Friendly Test.

If your website does not pass the mobile friendly test, please contact us! We can help. All NEW ChurchBuzz church websites are mobile responsive! If your website was created a while back then it may not be mobile responsive.

We have actually been busy for the past six months building a new church website hosting platform based on WordPress. The WordPress platform gives you new flexibility and functionality for your church website hosted by ChurchBuzz.  This has made it easier to create mobile responsive church websites.

WordPress has also made it easy for us to deliver SSL encrypted websites. This is another feature that Google has told the Webmaster community that it wants. Google wants all websites to have all pages SSL encrypted on your website. All of our new church websites on our new platform will include this SSL encryption on ALL pages.

As always you can depend on ChurchBuzz to help your church run the most state of the art website possible. These features optimize your church website for Google AND first time users!

Please contact me or send me an email  if you have any questions!