Grand Opening – WordPress Church Websites at ChurchBuzz!

churchbuzz Church Websites

Back in November of 2014 we announced that were converting our church website hosting platform from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress.  It has been a super busy 9 months and now we are ready to announce our Grand Opening of our new platform!

What this means is:

  • We have successfully launched 10 new church websites on WordPress!
  • We now have FOUR pre-optimized church website templates to choose from!
  • We have been able to streamline our processes for adding new church websites!
  • We have a platform that is BETTER than our platform on Adobe BC!

Namely, some of the benefits of our new platform:

  • All themes are 100% mobile responsive – makes Google 🙂
  • All websites are 100% SSL encrypted – makes Google 🙂
  • We are able take advantage of great plugins out there to add new functions to our platform
  • We are able to make any code changes we want to improve the system over time

We are excited to continue improving so we can bring you the very best Church Website Management system on the planet!

In fact I am about to write some additional blog posts about some of the recent additions to our platform, stay tuned!

Patrick Steil
Church Webmaster

Photo by William Brawley