ChurchBuzz Websites just got a little bit Faster!

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As of December 3, 2015, our DNS provider – CloudFlare – launched HTTP/2.

HTTP/2 is the new and improved version of HTTP and is optimized for the modern web. It makes CSS, JavaScript and images load simultaneously without overhead.

From the CloudFlare website:

HTTP/2 is the first major upgrade to the HTTP protocol in over 15 years. Websites have changed dramatically in the interim, with the number of external image, CSS, and JavaScript assets growing by the year. HTTP/1.1 wasn’t designed for this kind of complexity. HTTP/2 is optimized for the modern website, improving performance without complicated hacks like domain sharding and file concatenation.

This new technology has been turned on for ALL ChurchBuzz websites!

Just another way we keep up with the ever changing web – Thanks CloudFlare!

If you want to geek out on more details about HTTP/2, read the CloudFlare post.

If you want a website that is consistently upgraded to stay optimized with current technology, reply and let me know!


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