Church Website Review Service

Is your church website optimized?  Find out!

The Church Website Review is for those churches who want professional help with their church website – but don’t really have a “professional” budget.  🙂

Our expert webmasters will analyze your site based on our 10 Commandments for Church Website Ministry.  We will provide a sharable Google Document with “action items” for your church website and social media pages. You can then tackle these recommendations at your leisure!

And just to make things super clear, we will even record a video walking you through the analysis and recommendations we are recommending!  This means anyone on your team can jump on board and start working on your optimizations as needed.

All recommendations will be based on our 10 Commandments for Church Website Ministry strategy which will help your church website:

  • Show up in the search engines better
  • Welcome Visitors and help turn them into Guests
  • Keep the website current and relevant
  • Make sure the website works on mobile devices
  • And Much More!

Our Church Website Review Process includes:

  • A 70+ point review of your church website, Facebook page and Twitter profile
  • We will identify issues and provide recommendations for your:
    • church domain name
    • church website hosting
    • church website search engine optimization
    • church Facebook page
    • objective view of how “welcoming” your website would be to the first time visitor
    • how likely a visitor would become a “guest” this Sunday
    • in summary, everything that is important to Google, the 1st Time Visitor and your existing congregation

What you will Receive

  • Church Search Engine Visibility Report – How easy is it for people to find you when searching for a church in Google.
  • Church Website Task List Database (in the cloud) – An actionable and collaborative database where we document the Action Items.  This database is fully sharable and collaborative by your team (up to 5 users) and ours!
  • A private, password protected online Video where we explain the analysis and action items. This way you or anyone can review this at any time for action later.
  • Unlimited technical support on all recommendations made in the review for one year.

Church Website Review Cost – ONLY: $149.00

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