We are more visible to those surfing for a preschool or elementary school for their child. In fact, we found that our name has reached to the top of the list! We have then received calls and visitors to our site. Thanks to Patrick for creating our eye-catching website.

Janet Manfull
Director, Wesleyan Academe Christian School

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Interview with Patrick Steil - Chief Church Webmaster

We Manage Church Websites!

ChurchBuzz designs, manages and optimizes church websites so you can introduce more visitors to God!
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New Church Webmaster Video Series!

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Church Website Management

In 2014, our goal is to help 1000 churches learn about church websites and internet marketing.  We will soon begin publishing FREE church website training videos that will go in depth into many areas of Church Website Management and Internet Marketing for Churches. These videos will answer questions such as:
  • How can we produce a great website for little cost?
  • How do we get more visitors?
  • How do we get people sharing our content?
  • How can we make a difference online?
Whatever you need, this series will present you with the valuable information that your church needs!

Coming in 2014!

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Church Website Design Portfolio

We are proud to have helped many different Churches, Districts and Conferences create custom church logos, church website
designs and more! You can view our video on the left, or a more detailed portfolio below

Some of our latest church website designs...

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10 Commandments of Church Website Ministry

Learn our strategy for designing, managing and optimizing Church websites

1 Thou shall be easy to find (in Google)! »

2 Thou shall welcome visitors »

3 Thou shall keep your website current »

4 Thou shall create compelling content »

5 Thou shall use social media for fellowship and outreach »

6 Thou shall have a professional Church Website Design »

7 Thou shall be mobile »

8 Thou shall be connected and relevant »

9 Thou shall keep up with the latest technology »

10 Thou shall measure and optimize everything »

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