Instructions for this Form

This is an advanced proposal / setup Wizard (multiple step form) that will allow you to choose from all of the website design, hosting and email options that ChurchBuzz has to offer.

To generate a PROPOSAL: Simply go through the form and select all the options your church needs. If there is any info that you do not currently have, just enter in some “dummy” data for now so that you can proceed to the Next step. At ANY point, you can choose the “Save and Continue this Form Later” link. The form will prompt you for your email address and emails you a link to the form with all the data you entered. This will allow you to generate a complete view of the costs for your church website. Once approved by your church, simply click the link in your email and continue.

This form (and our entire ChurchBuzz website) is 100% SSL encrypted and all your information is secure. Your credit card information is not stored on any of our servers or databases. None of our staff (including the owners) has direct access to your payment information.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me:

Want a Proposal?

We will send you a PDF via email with all the pricing details AND a list of all the setup information we will need from you in order to get your website started.

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