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Want TEXTING Based Online Giving for Your Church?

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Did you ever think you’d be able to give to your church using a text message?! That’s right. Giving by text!

We’re extremely excited to announce that our partner, Tithe.ly, recently released a brand new way to support the local church – text giving. Now, members, visitors and anyone else who wants to support your church can give in seconds right from their smart or dumb phone without ever opening a web browser or using an app! After they’ve created their account, all people have to do is text an amount to your unique giving number (eg 250) and they’ve given.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is! It only takes a couple of minutes; and because you’re a ChurchBuzz customer or loyal reader, you’ll be able to get text giving from Tithe.ly FREE for three (3) months!

If you’re on the fence about giving by text, go check out these 9 simple points. They’ll give you some perspective on why churches are adopting this new way of giving and help you make a more educated decision.

Existing ChurchBuzz customers can sign up here!


Check out Tithe.ly and sign up free in 5 minutes.