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New Church Website Feature: Online Sermons

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Stream your audio and video messages from your Church Website with the New “Sermon Manager” plugin

We are staying on top of things so you and your website can benefit from the latest greatest plugins. Our recent addition for ChurchBuzz WordPress clients is Sermon Manager, a customizable sermon plugin so your church members (whether they miss a Sunday or want to hear it again) and anyone around the world can listen to your messages. The Sermon Manager plugin implements a simple, “best practices” way to provide sermons online. Publish your teachings for the world to learn about Jesus!

Sermon Manager Plugin

Mobile Friendly Sermons!

Using the Sermon Manager plugin, sermons can be listened to from any desktop/laptop or mobile device.

Podcast your Sermons!

The Sermon Manager plugin also provides an “iTunes ready” feed to allow you to create a podcast!

Easy Navigation for Users

Whether you want to provide sermon audio, video, or both, Sermon Manager optimizes the navigation and layout of your sermons for your online guests.

Search Engine Optimized Sermons

Sermon Manager also optimizes your sermons for Google. This is done with built-in SEO (search engine optimization) such as a page for each sermon with its own URL, headings, and text full of keywords for the sermon.

Sermon Manager Features

Through our research and testing, we determined that Sermon Manager offered the best interface and user experience for our clients and their website users. Here is why we chose Sermon Manager:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. Overall look and way sermons display on the website.
  3. Options available to the user.
  4. Categorization of sermons (i.e. by Pastor, Service Type, Series Type, etc.)
  5. Visitor options for consuming audio and/or video sermons
  6. Platform friendliness. (It looks good on desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.)
  7. SEO optimization.

How easy is this to use? What are my options? These are probably just a couple of the questions that you may be asking yourself. Take a look at the picture below:

Sermon Manager Features

The red arrows highlight some of the ways you can choose to categorize your sermons including:

  • Service Type (Sunday Worship, Traditional Service, etc.)
  • Book of the Bible (Matthew, John, etc.)
  • Sermon Topics (This is set to audio and/or video)
  • Sermon Series (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • Preachers

Display Any Category of Sermons Anywhere

For example, for churches that have multiple ministers, Sermon Manager allows you to categorize sermons by preacher. You can list sermons to appear only on that specific minister’s page by using a “shortcode.” This makes the system very flexible to show the exact sermon or list of sermons you want on any page of your website. And you can do the same for each Worship Service, or Sermon Series, etc.

ChurchBuzz continues to innovate and create the BEST platform for building out Church Websites. Sermon Manager is another offering toward that goal!

How to get Sermon Manager

If you have an existing ChurchBuzz Church Website, please send an email to and let my fabulous Team ChurchBuzz know you want to enable this plugin for your site! We’ll set it all up for you!

ChurchBuzz is committed to bringing you the BEST options for your Church Websites! Thanks for your continued support and faith in the ChurchBuzz Team!

If you are still on the OLD website platform and not yet on WordPress, this yet another reason to convert your website to the new platform!

And there is MUCH MORE coming soon! You NEED to migrate over to WordPress so your church will be ready to take advantage of 10X more flexibility and functionality with the latest features. Email me today for pricing on migrating you over.