Is your church website ready for Easter?

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Yes, yes, the Superbowl is indeed this weekend, but are you ready to welcome visitors to your Easter services?  It is just around the corner!

Is ALL your Easter info on your church website?

Can people find your Easter Service schedule?  Your Easter Egg Hunt schedule?  (You ARE having an Easter Egg Hunt aren’t you????)

What about Ash Wednesday and Holy Week?  What special events do you have planned?

NOW is the time to get all of this on your website and optimized!  Can people find you if they search in Google for “Easter Services in YourTown”?

People do a LOT of searching during this season for Easter related church services, Easter Egg hunts, etc.  Make sure you are posting all of this information on your website so Google has time to index it.  Make sure to add in photos and videos for maximum impact!  Don’t have many photos or videos?  Make sure to take PLENTY this year!!!

And of course check your search engine rankings for all your pertinent Easter Keywords.  Of course for you ChurchBuzz clients, this is all being taken care of for you (as long as you SEND us your content!)  If you are not yet a ChurchBuzz client, NOW is the time to get going… Search Engine Optimization takes a while to “build up” and so the longer you wait, the longer it will be… 🙂

Please let us know if we can help!

Your Church Webmaster!
Patrick Steil