Promote your Church Christmas Events on your website and social media!

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Are you looking to attract more visitors to your church this Christmas season?

This list will get you started with the basics of how to properly promote (market) your Christmas events online!

  1. Publish your Christmas events on your website – in a blog post.  Or more than one blog post.  But in a blog post.  Why a blog post?  Keep reading.
  2. Choose your keywords carefully.  Use “Christmas Eve Candlelight Service” if you have one when promoting this service.
  3. If you don’t have a “Christmas Eve Candlelight Service” at your church START ONE! This is what people want and look for on Google!
  4. I would promote each of your Christmas Events (Christmas Crafts, Live Nativity, Hanging of the Greens, Christmas Eve Services) each in its own separate blog post.  
  5. And then create one blog post to summarize all your Christmas events.  
  6. If you are tied to any community outreach “Spirit of Christmas” type events, make sure to post a blog post about this also.
  7. Now you can post the individual posts to Facebook/Twitter as well as the summary post at different times as appropriate.
  8. I would use HootSuite or Sendible to schedule these out to be published via social media at all the correct times.  Make sure to include a nice image with each post!
  9. Email the congregation with a link to the summary post.
  10. Don’t be afraid to use VIDEO to promote your events, this is even more powerful – involve various people from your Pastors, staff and other leaders (friendly, good-looking people) to talk about the wonderful tradition and meaning of your events for them personally. In other words – involve humans that are talking to humans! Emphasize the HUMAN CONNECTION!

If you don’t have all your Christmas services information on your website, NOW is the time to get it published! Include as many photos, videos and text as you can to make your site welcoming. 

The sooner you get this content published on your website, the sooner Google will find it and add index it so that people SEARCHING for Christmas events this Christmas will be able to find you!

Whatever you do… DO NOT just put three lines on your homepage with your Christmas worship times and then take it down on December 26th!

If your church needs a more up to date website that allows you to post to blog posts and do all the latest and greatest wiz bang stuff, we are here to help.  Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation or send me an email.

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