Customer Relations Specialist

ChurchBuzz is seeking a Customer Relations Specialist to work closely with the owner to grow this Business / Ministry.  This is a part time position and pays hourly and also bonus commissions based on signing up new churches.

ChurchBuzz is a business / ministry started by Patrick and Tyra Steil whose mission is help churches reach more people for Jesus.  They aim to do this through their knowledge and expertise of building and managing church websites that can be found in Google and are very welcoming to visitors.  Their ministry goes beyond this as well in teaching churches how to actually WELCOME people as they come through the doors of the church.

We are seeking someone who loves talking with PEOPLE and understands the processes of the local church.  This person will be provided access to an online Customer Relationship Management tool which documents all people who have expressed an interest in our services.  Your job is to connect with them, meet them, build relationship and help them engage with ChurchBuzz for services if that is what they need.

You will manage the online chats from our website, make phone calls, send out plenty of emails every day, keep the CRM system updated and more.

Ideal candidate would be familiar with the workings of the United Methodist Church as that is our primary target market at this point in time.

Please contact me if you are interested in this position.