Happy New Year! To Blog is to Love… 45 must read blog ideas

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”To Blog is to Love – 45 must read blog ideas!”

Need a New Year’s Resolution?  How about starting a blog!  This powerful stuff for your church, but more importantly for the people of the World who need to FIND/READ/HEAR your message of Love, Hope and Joy!

Can we love people with a blog?  I say YES!

While driving to meet with a church a while back, I was thinking about the ChurchBuzz Commandment #8 for Church Website Ministry and also a question I was asked recently – “What should we blog about?”

The ChurchBuzz Commandment #8 says our church websites should contain content that meets people where they are… it should be relevant to THEIR needs – not our need to tell people how great our church is… I started coming up with ideas for YOU to blog about on your church website.

BTW, You HAVE pastors and laity in your congregation who can and are willing to write website articles or even record videos that discuss many of the following topics.  Feel free to use this list as a “todo” list or as a brainstorming starting point.

But please, I am pleading with you – our youth and the men and women of our communities need to FIND answers about how Jesus is relevant in dealing with the problems they face today!  Let’s be relevant to them where they are SEARCHING for answers – Google.

  1. How do I resist the 7 deadly sins?  (One article or even better as a 7 part blog series)
    • Lust
    • Greed
    • Envy
    • Gluttony
    • Sloth
    • Pride
    • Wrath
  2. The 5 love languages (check out The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman)
  3. The gifts of the spirit
  4. What is love?
  5. How to have a meaningful marriage
  6. How to raise your children
  7. How to achieve self control
  8. How to get control over your money
  9. How to teach your kids about “popular culture” and the media
  10. First Corinthians – Love is patient, Love is Kind…
  11. How to date to find a great mate
  12. How to find a job in this economy
  13. How to cook healthy, quick meals
  14. How to live with enough and get your finances under control
  15. How to get to know God
  16. I would like to introduce you to a God of Love
  17. Why you might need God – not what you may think!
  18. Why do Christians need to be in church?
  19. What is a Disciple?
  20. How to become a true Disciple?
  21. Why I became a United Methodist
  22. Why I became a Pastor
  23. So you feel called to ministry
  24. Do you feel called to ministry?
  25. Does your life seem meaningless… Looking for answers?
  26. What is the meaning of life?
  27. How to find meaning in your life
  28. What’s missing in your life
  29. Overcoming stress
  30. Overcoming weight problems
  31. Overcoming drug abuse
  32. Overcoming alcohol abuse
  33. What is wrong with sex before marriage?
  34. What is wrong with living together?
  35. How to avoid divorce?
  36. How to recover from divorce?
  37. How to deal with grief?
  38. Why marijuana shouldn’t be legalized
  39. What is wrong with gambling?
  40. Should I play the lottery?
  41. How do I prioritize my finances?
  42. How do I balance my life between work, family, church, and myself?
  43. What to do when the debt is overwhelming
  44. Thinking about bankruptcy?
  45. Are money problems leading your marriage to divorce?

Bonus Tip #1: If you are really good, you will be researching Google keywords for each of these articles to determine the most popular ways people search for these types of issues to make sure you use these keywords properly in your title and throughout your article (or let ChurchBuzz do this for you!)

Bonus Tip #2: Make sure your blog is setup so that people can subscribe by email to get automatic updates when you update your blog.  MailChimp has great tools for this.

Bonus Tip #3: Once your blog post is live on your own website, make sure to post a link to it on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Bonus Tip #4: If you have time, record this as a “video blog” and then have someone transcribe the video.  This way you get text SEO benefits as well as video SEO benefits.  These do not have to be professionally produced videos, they just have to be genuine and authentic (don’t preach, just talk to the viewer).

Got more ideas?  Add your blog article ideas below!

Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy this year and always!
Patrick Steil

Your Church Webmaster