Google Places for Churches – Don’t get deactivated!

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Is your Church listed in Google Places?  It MUST BE!  🙂  

Not that most churches would ever need to include these words in their Google Places listing, but you should be aware of this nonetheless.

According to this article, there are banned keywords that will get your Google Places listing de-activated which then causes a MAJOR pain to get  your listing activated again.  This is good information to know!

Also, if you use UPPER CASE too much in your Google Places listing for your church, you can also get your listing de-activated.  This article talks about how Google looks at upper cased keywords.

If your church is NOT yet listed in Google Places or you have not CLAIMED your Google Places listing, we can set this up for you for FREE.  Just mention this blog entry and we’ll take care of it for you.  You can use our contact us form for further help!