Funeral Services for your Church Website

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It just dawned on me. One thing I don’t see on hardly any church websites – Funeral Services information – this is a time in family’s life that they may need the church the most.

So let’s please, all add to our church websites a page that makes it easier for people to know what to do in their time of loss and grief. Look at it from their perspective and tell them what they need to hear.

Maybe what they need is to just call and have someone walk them through things and maybe even to help coordinate services, burial, etc. This could be a great opportunity to minister to a family in need.

Add a description of all that needs to be coordinated and even add links to all the local resources in town for the things they will need to coordinate. Or how about a printable checklist of things they need to take care of.

All of these things say to someone – we care and we know this is difficult time, but this church loves you and will help you through this time.

Another idea – how about a page on your site called “Saints” or “Gone on to Glory” or simply “Obituaries”.  This can be a blog category where you honor those “Saints” of the church and/or community that have been connected to your church.  It is a way to remember and honor their life via your church website.  This page could include videos, photos, slideshows and a really good description of the person’s life and dedication to God and loving those around them.  What a great way to honor and remember those Saints!


Photo by Elisadc