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“ChurchBuzz allowed us to truly polish and professionalize our website.  Before we began using Churchbuzz we had members of the church working on the website as volunteers, which sometimes worked but mostly did not.  When we went with Churchbuzz the professionalism increased dramatically, and very, very quickly.   As Senior Pastor of a church with over 1000 members and 400 in Sunday worship, located in an old suburban now urban environment, I have learned that guests find us first over the web.  Having a professional website is not just helpful, it’s critical in our day and time.  I am very pleased with Churchbuzz.”

-Dr. William E. La  Barr
Senior Pastor
Plymouth Park United Methodist Church, Irving TX

ChurchBuzz re-created our website this last spring to further update and market to our current and future parents of the students at Wesleyan Academe located at Plymouth Park United Methodist Church in Irving. We are more visible to those serfing for a preschool or elementary school for their child. In fact, we found that our name has reached to the top of the list !! We have then received calls and visitors to our site. Thanks to Patrick on creating our eye-catching website and helping us manage our updates to our newsletters and events!

Janet Manfull

As senior pastor of Lake Cities United Methodist Church in the Dallas area, I can wholeheartedly report that Patrick and his ministry at ChurchBuzz have greatly enhanced the visibility of the church by its website. The number of first-time visitors has dramatically increased. Reports indicate that 9 and out 10 visitors discover the church through its website. This discovery has really helped the church promote its ministry. I am convinced that social media advertisement is currently the most effective way to promote the church.Patrick and his wife Tyra have maintained the website for many years. They continue to bring together their love for welcoming others to the church with a terrific amount of technical skill to provide the best church website and social media presence possible.

Furthermore he has dedicated much time and energy in creating ChurchBuzz as a ministry that will help meet all church website objectives. I would like to encourage you to connect with Patrick as quickly as possible so that he can start assisting you with the many ways that could enhance the ministry of your church.

Rene Lawson
Senior Pastor

Hey Patrick,

We are very pleased with our website. The whole process from the design to the switching over was a very easy process with no disruptions in our work. The site looks wonderful and is maintained well. I love how easy it is to just submit what I need added and ya’ll do all the work of finding clip art and backgrounds and make it look very professional and inviting to people using our site. We get a very prompt response with emails and everything is added to the site in very quickly. Thanks for all ya’ll do it is a pleasure working with you.

Tamara Cooper
Administrative Assistant
First Bridgeport United Methodist Church

I think y’all have proven to be an integral part of our growth so far – and our continued capacity to effectively reach people so we can continue to grow.

Jennifer Rader
Connection Ministries Director

Faith United Methodist Church

I say Hooray!!!!

I think our website is extraordinary. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

You all are quick to respond and diligent and creative and innovative. We can find our way around very easily.

Blessings on you and your ministry and all the willing hearts who work with you.

May God continue to bless your work and allow you to reach out to folks who might never have connected before.

Pastor Jonell Lindh
Former Pastor
Chapel Hill United Methodist Church

“I called Patrick after meeting him at a conference. We had serious problems with our website and no way of fixing them with the staff on hand. Patrick came out to meet with us but, he came already having looked at our site and finding issues. Then through discussions we were able to pinpoint several areas where errors were occurring and causing the website to change in unexpected ways. Within a week he had the major bugs worked out. Within a month it the site was placed on a more stable platform and 90% of the errors were corrected. At this time I believe we have 2 more areas to attend to. The service has been professional, expedient and cost effective. Our nightmare of a website can now be updated simply and easily by almost anyone on our staff. Patrick has been a gift in more ways than I can express. I highly recommend him to anyone who has need of website expertise.”December 29, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Merri Nelson, Grace Avenue United Methodist Church in Frisco, TX

 “I met with Patrick several weeks ago regarding some problems with our church’s website. I was so impressed with his knowledge, honesty, and ability to know what we were in need of very quickly. His suggestions were completely in line with what I had in mind. Patrick, Church Buzz, was hired immediately and has been providing exceptional support and service in a timely and consistant manner. The solution was complete in a matter of days and has cut down the amount of time I spend updating website content. Patrick has become an awesome partner in fulfilling our website needs!!” December 16, 2010

Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Nancy MijaresGrace Avenue United Methodist Church in Frisco, TX

 “I would recommend Patrick to any one looking to develop, execute and manage in-depth business process applications. His firm has been instrumental in many of our custom projects over the last decade, ranging from B to B and B to C intranet and internet solutions.

Patrick has never had a challenge that he couldn’t find a solution, and knows when to pass on projects that are not a good fit for his company’s impressive skill sets. Our prior team work in multiple vertical markets has seen a significant share of interesting opportunities.

Anytime a client needs a serious business development firm that is well seasoned in web technologies, I just refer them to Patrick, because I know his solutions will keep clients happy for a very long time.” January 17, 2011

Mark ArmstrongOwner,

“”When it comes to WEBSITES – Patrick is my GO TO GUY!… I have enjoyed working with Patrick at infraNET on two different website projects over the past 4 years. The first project was a new start up, and the second project was a complete re-design for our organization… I have been very pleased with the results. Patrick is truly a thought leader and really cares about helping you get the most out of your website. I highly recommend infraNET because they provide a high quality website, with personal service at a competitive price. infraNET will make a difference.”” January 5, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Bruce W. Waller, CRP,

“I would highly recommend Patrick for any project you are considering. I have been very pleased with the results for our new website. He always gets back to me in a timely manner with any question(s) that I have, and he answers them to the best of ability. Most importantly, Patrick never makes me feel like I’m incompetent or stupid when I ask a question in an area about something I’m not sure of. He is very knowledgeable in his field about computers, networking, designing websites, etc. He is always very pleasant to work with and will do a great job for you!” December 13, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Joy Fincher,
Food Bank of West Central Texas

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