Church Website Buzz – Performance Improvements!

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Performance of your church website is very important!  Any visitor will get frustrated if it takes excessive time to navigate your site and Google will reduce your search rankings if your site is too slow!

So – This weekend we completed major performance improvements on our Church Website Hosting Platform.  We were able to streamline the way our hosting provider (SiteGround – fantastic support) works with our security and firewall provider (CloudFlare).  We also installed a very popular plugin called “W3 Total Cache” that provides great support for our WordPress sites.   All of this resulted in improving performance by about 3 times for all our web pages.  We will continue to work to improve load times even more as time goes by.

W3 Total Cache also provides support for “New Relic” which means we will be able to more quickly and easily monitor our server performance to know exactly where any future performance problems occur so that we can optimize those parts of the system.

We feel quite confident about where we are and where we can provide very reliable and quick performing church websites!  All of this so that first time visitors will have a GREAT first impression of your church when they visit your church website and help make sure your website will be found in Google!

Photo by spierzchala