Church Website Content Management

We offer two types of content management:

  • Complete Website Content Management

    Complete Website Content Management where our Content Specialist update your site from your Newsletters and from content sent by you or your church staff.

  • Self Management

    With this option, you, your staff, and volunteers will manage the content on you website.

Complete Management Service Option

One of the reasons ChurchBuzz exists is to help churches do day-to-day content management for their websites.   If your church needs assistance with any of the following, we can help!

  • overall church website content management
  • updating of your church website HTML to keep the website current
  • creating of new pages on your website
  • adding pages / links to the navigation bar(s) of your website
  • updating the blog on your website
  • adding / updating javascript or jQuery libraries to add dynamic photo slide shows or other effects
  • adding custom javascript to perform actions to make your site / forms / photos / videos more dynamic
  • setup and/or hosting of video sermons to be added to your website
  • setup and/or hosting of audio sermons to be added to your website
  • adding a Facebook stream to your church website
  • adding Twitter to your church website
  • creating a blog for your church website
  • building a church website with a member section
  • updating your church website to make it more visible by people searching in Google

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Self Management Service Option

Church Content Management System (CMS)

Perhaps you are looking for a robust, flexible, Church Content Management System (CMS) with the following features:

  • church website content management system (CMS) that allows for 100% flexible design
  • church CMS with administrator and designer level access (ftp, Dreamweaver, web console)
  • church website CMS with various user access privileges
  • CMS with blogging capability built in
  • CMS with forum / discussion board capability built in
  • CMS that allows you to build your own “web apps” (web databases)
  • CMS that allows you to tailor the sermon management system

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