Church Internet Marketing

What is Church Internet Marketing?

Church Internet Marketing includes any activity you do to raise awareness and build goodwill with people that do not have an impression of your church.

  • church search engine marketing (SEM) or church search engine optimization (SEO)
  • proper social media marketing
  • proper use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social sites
  • proper use of YouTube videos to “tell your story”
  • adding a “My Story” section on your website
  • church blogging
  • church event marketing
  • “local” advertising
  • internet press releases
  • internet “public relations”
  • paid Facebook ads for church events or church visibility
  • Using FREE Google Ads available to all churches!
  • responding to emails quickly!
  • how your staff answers the phone
  • how you keep up with people
  • how well you build a relationship with people
  • how well you get people involved in small groups
  • and many more!

In other words, there are MANY, MANY opportunities to get the word out about your church and a well-rounded church internet marketing plan will mean:

  • more traffic to your church website from people looking for a church in your area
  • more 1st page and 1st place rankings in Google and other search engines
  • more 1st time visitors to your church (ask those that recommend us on LinkedIn)
  • more opportunities to share with them the story of the great things going on IN YOUR CHURCH!

We have a complete Church Internet Marketing strategy that will help your church properly use your church website and social media to show the community you CARE first and then gently invite them to be part of your Church family.

Contact Patrick Steil for help with your Church Marketing!

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