Christmas is nearly here! Is your website ready?

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Let’s talk about Christmas…

Hopefully by now, all of you have done two important things:

  1. you’ve published your Christmas events on your website and,
  2. you’re using a blog that lives ON your website to promote your events so that you’re building your “search relevance” with Google from year to year.

(If not, we can help! See our Special Offer below.)

If you don’t have all your Christmas services information on your website, NOW is the time to get it up there! Include as many photos, videos and text as you can to make your site welcoming. And remember, DON’T just put three lines on your homepage with your Christmas worship times.

If you need more ideas on how to do this, please email or use our Contact Us form.

Special pricing for our Template will end soon!

The reception of our new Church Website Templates has been really wonderful. And we are quite proud of how fantastic they look and perform. We can now even support PODCASTING directly from the template site!

BUT, our special introductory price of $249 to publish a brand new, fully optimized website will be ending very soon!

Starting January 31st, the setup fee for all new ChurchBuzz Website Templates will be $399 (up from $249). Setup includes adding your customized content and everything necessary to get your website up and running within two weeks! If you want to take advantage of the current fee of just $249, send us your signed agreement by January 31st!

See our ChurchBuzz Website Templates page for all the details!

If you are thinking about this offer, please email me immediately. I will send you a proposal and add you to our list to receive this pricing.

ChurchBuzz Website Templates

Peace, Joy and Love!
Patrick Steil