Commandment #10 – Measure and optimize


  1. There are many free tools available to help measure and analyze everything these days
  2. Analyze your Google Analytics and search engine rankings weekly
  3. Adjust accordingly – rinse and repeat – every week…


Did you know that Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and other free tools from Google will tell you exactly:

  • what Google searches people are using to find your church website
  • what websites are referring traffic to you through links
  • what problems you are having on any of your web pages
  • allow you to tell Google about each page on your site so all of your content is indexed properly
  • show you what it thinks the “focus” of your site is
  • and much more?


Did you know that there many other tools that can help you

  • analyze where you stand in the search engines for each of your important keywords?
  • discover new important keywords
  • show you how much traffic is coming to your site on any keyword?
  • help discover new or season trends each month
  • basically can help you learn what new content you need to create on your site each and every month?


Once you have all the right tools in place to measure everything it becomes much easier to analyze, make adjustments, and OPTIMIZE your church website for what the people of your community need and are looking for.  If you are not utilizing the right set of tools here, you WILL be missing out on many opportunities.

Again, ChurchBuzz can help you with all this.  We send you a consolidated report each month that shows all of the above so you can see the improvements your website is making each month and how well you are “serving your community”.


If you are ready to let ChurchBuzz help with optimization of your church website, then click here for the Church Website Review Service.  We will grade your church website according to our “10 Commandments” and let you know where you stand.  This can be eye opening!

I would feel honored to serve your church… thanks!

Patrick Steil