Commandment #6 – Professional Church Website Design


  1. People use professionally designed websites all day long, make sure yours is too
  2. Make sure your design is customized to represent the personality of your congregation
  3. Use plenty of photos and even video to give your website a human touch


We do our banking online, shop for gifts, check our email, use Facebook – every day.  And these websites are all professionally designed sites that often are made easier with regular updates.  If you want to attract and keep visitors, you MUST give them the same sense of professional, appealing design they encounter just about every where else on the web.

Now, take notice that this commandment is Commandment #6 – meaning that this may not be the most important change your church needs to make.  Because if no one is ever finding your website (in Google), then the design isn’t yet as important.  So some of the previous commandments may take precedence.  But sometimes the website is just plain ready for a facelift (and you know who you are), so sometimes that may take precedence and it might be good to just start over with a new design that incorporates the other commandments (welcoming to the first visitor, easy to navigate, easy to keep up to date, etc).


Ideally, your website design should reflect the personality of your church.  If you are on a very tight budget, at least make sure to use photos slide shows and even video to show the personality, make-up and important work your church does in this way.

If you can afford a custom design, work with a web designer who understand these 10 commandments and also the functionality the website will need to use in order to accomplish the goals.  The design needs to be “pretty” but also functional to address all of the 10 commandments of website ministry.

We are now ready for Commandment #7