Commandment #9 – Keep up with the technology


  1. Technology is changing every day
  2. You need someone passionate about God and Technology on your team
  3. ChurchBuzz would like to be on your team!


One of the big reasons we started ChurchBuzz was that when we researched what Churches would need to do to optimize their church websites, we found the length of the list daunting and the technical nature of what needed to be done to be way over the “pay-grade” of the typical church staff member who was charged with maintenance of the church website.

Listen, back when I started my career at IBM in the early 90’s, I literally was able to keep up with most all of what was happening in the PC market.  I knew about each new processor coming out from Intel.  There were only 2 or 3 major operating systems for the PC.  I enjoyed reading PC Magazine and the like to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Today, this is a losing battle.  I can barely keep up with all the changes that are required to be a “web site” expert much less all the hardware, software, websites, etc that are popping up EVERY DAY.

The point is the typical church staff member who is the Church Secretary, Youth Director, etc has a more important job to do than to try and keep up daily with all the changes that are necessary to keep the website up to date and working for you in as many ways possible.

The ChurchBuzz staff is constantly researching, monitoring and being notified about changes in this area and we are daily adding and tweaking our website management and optimization processes so that your church website will be the best performing website in your community.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I (Patrick Steil) am the person behind ChurchBuzz.  The person who directs, manages and develops our processes for creating the best Church websites possible.  God is using my 20+ years of professional experience and 15+ years of business acumen (see my LinkedIn profile),  along with my passion for God and his Church (read my “About Me” page) to create ChurchBuzz.  I want to be yourChurch Technology Officer (CTO).

Myself and the ChurchBuzz team will help your church create the most valuable evangelism and outreach tool possible!  We are seeing the fruits of this in terms of new visitors and an overall excitement with our membership about the things that are going on in our church and we want to help your church achieve the same.

I encourage you to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or just email me directly to discuss any needs you might have, ask me questions, etc… God has called me to serve YOUR CHURCH.