10 Commandments for Building a Church Website Ministry

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Want to take your website beyond an online billboard and turn it into a true ministry of the church?  Here are 10 ideas that should be included in your church website communication and marketing plan!

  1. Thou shalt be easy to find!
  2. Thou shalt welcome visitors – they are the future of your membership growth…
  3. Thou shalt keep your website current
  4. Thou shalt use social media to foster fellowship and strong community
  5. Thou shalt make it easy for members to invite friends 
  6. Thou shalt be easy on the eye and current in design
  7. Thou shalt be interactive and easy to use
  8. Thou shalt employ a church webmaster
  9. Thou shalt communicate your message consistently
  10. Thou shalt keep up with the latest trends and tools
How well does YOUR Church Website follow these commandments!  🙂  

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