We are more visible to those surfing for a preschool or elementary school for their child. In fact, we found that our name has reached to the top of the list! We have then received calls and visitors to our site. Thanks to Patrick for creating our eye-catching website.

Janet Manfull
Director, Wesleyan Academe Christian School

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Free Seminar Teaches Church Website Management

Patrick Steil - Monday, July 19, 2010
ChurchBuzz is offering a FREE Seminar to churches who might need help understanding how to take full advantage of the internet to help... 
  • VISITORS find your church!
  • Entice VISITORS to actually VISIT your church? 
  • Reach out to the community to SERVE and DRAW OTHERS IN... 
  • Understand how to properly maintain the church website
  • Understand how to properly use all the tools available to communicate your MISSION
Click below for more information on this seminar!

10 Commandments for Building an Online Church Ministry

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