We are very pleased with our website. The whole process from the design to the switching over was a very easy process with no disruptions in our work. The site looks wonderful and is maintained well. I love how easy it is to just submit what I need added and ya'll do all the work of finding clip art and backgrounds and make it look very professional and inviting to people using our site. We get a very prompt response with emails and everything is added to the site in very quickly. Thanks for all ya'll do it is a pleasure working with you.

Tamara Cooper
Church Secretary, First United Methodist Church Bridgeport

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10 Commandments of Church Websites

Would your church like to hear in person, the ChurchBuzz list of 10 Commandments for Church Website Ministry?  This presentation will help you think about and get solutions for the following questions:

  • Can VISITORS find your church in Google?
  • Does your church website entice them to actually VISIT your church? 
  • Is your church using Facebook to reach out to the community? 
  • Is it being kept up to date?

10 Commandments of Church Websites - The Movie

This presentation provides useful tips and "how-to"s for the following topics!

  • The correct focus for your church website design
  • The importance of having a church website visitors section
  • Why church search engine optimization is so important
  • What is required for church website content management
  • How to best organize your church website content
  • Making sure your church web pages have a call to action
  • Adding church website videos
  • How to integrate church social media
  • Why having a church webmaster is so critical to your mission

Church Website Review Service

Review of your Church Website and how it stacks up against our 10 Commandments for Church Website Ministry.

Church Website Review Service »

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